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Advanced AI Detector and Humanizer

Ranked #1 as the AI detection tool according to Forbes! Utilize our AI detector to verify if your text will be identified as content created by AI. Afterwards select ‘humanize’ to eliminate AI detection and guarantee that your text will evade detection by all AI detectors. Our AI text enhancer accomplishes this by elevating your content to align with the standards of writing.

Rated #1 AI Detector by Forbes
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How to Avoid CopyLeaks, Writer, GPTZero, and Originality Content Detectors and Humanize AI Texts with our AI Checker and AI Humanizer?

You’ll pick up the basics of using our product quickly in this two-minute video. We’ll walk you through how to use our free AI detector, determine whether the content you created was generated by AI, and humanize AI texts to make them difficult to spot.

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How does your copy become transformed by Undetectable?

In order to detect and humanize your AI text from ChatGPT, Jasper, Copy.AI, and other comparable AI tools into entirely human-like content that evades AI detectors, Undetectable.ai is a crucial rewriting tool. Using our technology for humanizing and removing AI detection, you can:

Avoid using the most sophisticated AI detectors available.

Make content that is keyword-rich, human-like, and ranks highly in search results.

Make sure that your SEO material and emails won't be tagged as spam.

Free yourself from the limitations of AI detection to express your uniqueness and creativity.

Who would want and use our AI-generated text that can't be recognized?

Many people who work in many occupations are interested in making sure their writing isn’t recognized as being created by the Artificial Intelligence. Our AI-textual content that can’t be detected is important for:


Students visit UndetectableAI.us to guarantee that their work isn't inaccurately identified by text detection software, avoiding the algorithm making a mistake that could penalize them or have a an effect on their academic reputation

Job Seekers

Job seekers use UndetectableAI.us to ensure their cover letters aren't recognized as having been composed by an Artificial Intelligence, so they are taken seriously and to maximize their chances of landing the job.


Writers come to UndetectableAI.us to ensure that their writing isn't misrecognized as having been created by a computer, so they get paid for their work and their reputation as a writer is maintained and their clients also like them.


Content producers use UndetectableAI.us to generate content that is genuine and passes the AI-detector test, to communicate more effectively without raising suspicions as to the source of the content. They loves this tool.

How We Humanize Content To Make It Undetectable

If your aim is for your content not to be detected as artificial intelligence (AI) and you’d like your content to be a bit more natural and human, here is what you might consider trying:

Vary the Tone:

By having different tones throughout your content, it introduces complexity and therefore a human feeling -- naturally, a reader will be confused, and it will fool any AI detection in place into thinking it was produced by a human.

Share Personal Stories + Emotions:

Incorporating anecdotes and emotions makes your content more human, especially writing an essay, for a client, social media, or a search engine. Adding rich context with a personal story, or with feeling, makes the content feel more real.

Mix Up Sentence Length and Structure:

Keeping AI detectors on their toes by having your sentences different lengths and structures keeps it interesting without being too repetitive. It also ensures the content is grammatically correct and reads well.

Adjust Readability Levels:

Oftentimes, computer generated content doesn’t have any variation in readability unless specified otherwise. If you want to confuse AI, then it is okay to have readability levels that go up and down in sections.

Use Creative Punctuation:

While you shouldn't over-use punctuation, and you shouldn’t just add periods and commas randomly in the hopes of confounding the AI detectors, using punctuation creatively and correctly can enhance the reading flow of your writing.

Choose Unique Words:

When you are trying to subvert the AI detectors, especially don’t just choose the word that is the most expected. Make sure your word choices make sense, but you are able to select a different word that is still logical and unique at moments throughout your paper.

Seeking the best free AI detector with the highest accuracy?

Your search ends here.

Undetectable AI is not only known for our ability to humanize AI generated text, but have been recognized by industry experts who have featured us as the best free AI detector & checker.

Our AI content detection system is designed to offer a comprehensive analysis of your content’s AI detection probability.

Instead of only being a ChatGPT detector, our tool integrates with both free and paid AI detectors. So, it will recognize text from GPT3, GPT4, Claude, Bard and any other AI writing tool. Experience the power of collective intelligence as our AI checker shows you how various other AI detectors perceive your text.


A Powerful AI Content Detector and Humanizer for Serious Writers and Content Creators

Start with Your AI-Generated Text:

Enter your AI-generated content into our intuitive AI detector and humanizer tool. It can process text up to 10,000 characters at a time.

Let Us Work Our Magic:

Once your text is submitted, our sophisticated detection bypass algorithms get to work. Simply sit back and relax while our tool transforms your content.

Receive Human-like Content:

Within seconds, you’ll have humanized AI content that seamlessly passes AI detectors, reading naturally as if crafted by a human.

Why Choose Undetectable AI?

Award-Winning Accuracy

Recognized for our precision in detecting and humanizing AI-generated content.

Collective Analysis

Our tool utilizes insights from multiple detectors for comprehensive and reliable results.

Trusted by Professionals

Widely used by experts across various fields who require undetectable AI content.

Ready to try out our AI checker? Dive in and experience unparalleled AI detection capabilities for FREE!

Awards & Recognition

Our expertise in detecting AI-written content has garnered significant recognition. We are honored to have received top accolades from Forbes, Tech & Learning, and Yahoo Life. As pioneers in the field, we excel in both bypassing AI content detection and accurately identifying AI-generated content.

Frequently Asked Questions

We know the answers. To find out more about our promise, how Undetectable AI operates, and how we can support your content creation journey, browse through our Frequently Asked Questions.

What is Undetectable AI?

We created a program called Undetectable AI to identify written AI content and add human characteristics to AI-generated stuff. To verify that AI detection has been eliminated and that you can avoid AI detectors, we employ a range of machine learning models in addition to text pre- and post-processing.

Who can benefit from using Undetectable AI?

For marketing experts, SEOs, authors, bloggers, journalists, researchers, and anybody else worried about being wrongly accused of employing artificial intelligence (AI) to compose content, undetectable AI was created. Our goal in developing our AI detector and humanizer was to not only enable and promote the usage of AI, but also to mitigate the negative effects of false positives from AI detectors by using our detection bypass technology.

Does Undetectable AI Bypass AI detectors?

Indeed, even while Undetectable AI was created expressly to assist content producers—writers, bloggers, marketers, and others—in giving their work a more human touch, it does manage to avoid being picked up by AI content detectors. With undetectable AI, users can produce material that seems genuine and human while having a lower chance of being identified as AI-generated. It’s crucial to employ undetectable AI sensibly, though, and in compliance with platform rules and ethical standards.

Will my content still rank well on search engines?

Indeed, using Undetectable AI to create humanized material increases the likelihood that it will rank highly in search results. Studies reveal that artificial intelligence-generated material can perform worse than human-generated content because of things like authenticity, relevancy, and engagement. Undetectable AI, on the other hand, seeks to close this gap by producing material that is human-like in order to increase its likelihood of being resonant with readers and search engine algorithms.

How is your pricing determined?

We have developed our service using a novel strategy. We have invested in creating a proprietary large language model that goes through rigorous training and testing on a varied range of both hand-written and AI-generated pieces, rather than depending on short cuts or surface-level techniques. Professionals with PhDs, academics, and marketers lead this rigorous training program. This training guarantees an undetectable AI output that eludes even the most vigilant AI detectors, as well as a high degree of quality, coherence, and authenticity in the content generated by our platform. We devote a significant amount of time and money to this sophisticated training procedure since it calls for it.

Undetectable’s AI Checker and AI Humanizer Supports Multiple Languages

While our primary focus is on English, we also offer secondary support for multilingual text detection and humanization in the following languages:

  • (af) Afrikaans
  • (ar) Arabic
  • (bg) Bulgarian
  • (bn) Bengali
  • (ca) Catalan
  • (cs) Czech
  • (cy) Welsh
  • (da) Danish
  • (de) German
  • (el) Greek
  • (en) English
  • (es) Spanish
  • (et) Estonian
  • (fa) Persian
  • (fi) Finnish
  • (fr) French
  • (gu) Gujarati
  • (hi) Hindi
  • (hr) Croatian
  • (hu) Hungarian
  • (id) Indonesian
  • (it) Italian
  • (ja) Japanese
  • (kn) Kannada
  • (ko) Korean
  • (lt) Lithuanian
  • (lv) Latvian
  • (mk) Macedonian
  • (ml) Malayalam
  • (mr) Marathi
  • (ne) Nepali
  • (nl) Dutch
  • (no) Norwegian
  • (pa) Punjabi
  • (pl) Polish
  • (pt) Portuguese
  • (pt_br) Brazilian Portuguese
  • (ro) Romanian
  • (ru) Russian
  • (sk) Slovak
  • (sl) Slovene
  • (so) Somali
  • (sq) Albanian
  • (sv) Swedish
  • (sw) Swahili
  • (ta) Tamil
  • (te) Telugu
  • (th) Thai
  • (tl) Tagalog
  • (tr) Turkish
  • (uk) Ukrainian
  • (ur) Urdu
  • (vi) Vietnamese
  • (zh-cn) Chinese (Simplified)
  • (zh-tw) Chinese (Traditional)