Help and FAQ

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What is the UNDETECTABLE guarantee? If anything we generate is detected by any AI detector, reach out to us at Send us the document along with where it was detected and we will refund the cost of the generation, no questions asked.
What languages does your AI text humanizer & AI detection remover support? Our primary focus when building out our AI detection bypass tool is English, however we have secondary multilingual text humanization support for:
  • (af) Afrikaans
  • (ar) Arabic
  • (bg) Bulgarian
  • (bn) Bengali
  • (ca) Catalan
  • (cs) Czech
  • (cy) Welsh
  • (da) Danish
  • (de) German
  • (el) Greek
  • (en) English
  • (es) Spanish
  • (et) Estonian
  • (fa) Persian
  • (fi) Finnish
  • (fr) French
  • (gu) Gujarati
  • (hi) Hindi
  • (hr) Croatian
  • (hu) Hungarian
  • (id) Indonesian
  • (it) Italian
  • (ja) Japanese
  • (kn) Kannada
  • (ko) Korean
  • (lt) Lithuanian
  • (lv) Latvian
  • (mk) Macedonian
  • (ml) Malayalam
  • (mr) Marathi
  • (ne) Nepali
  • (nl) Dutch
  • (no) Norwegian
  • (pa) Punjabi
  • (pl) Polish
  • (pt) Portuguese
  • (pt_br) Brazilian Portuguese
  • (ro) Romanian
  • (ru) Russian
  • (sk) Slovak
  • (sl) Slovene
  • (so) Somali
  • (sq) Albanian
  • (sv) Swedish
  • (sw) Swahili
  • (ta) Tamil
  • (te) Telugu
  • (th) Thai
  • (tl) Tagalog
  • (tr) Turkish
  • (uk) Ukrainian
  • (ur) Urdu
  • (vi) Vietnamese
  • (zh-cn) Chinese (Simplified)
  • (zh-tw) Chinese (Traditional)
Does your content pass every AI detector? Our AI detection bypass technology focuses foremost on producing high quality humanized AI content. As a result, our outputs have become so indistinguishable from human written content that our outputs flag as human on all of the AI detectors we’ve tested.
How long does it take to process my document? The processing time of your humanized output depends on the length and complexity of the input, as well as the specific requirements of the client. The typical processing time to receive your humanized document with AI detection removed is 10-30 seconds per document.
Do you offer bulk pricing? Yes! If you are looking for bulk pricing for your team or through the use of our API, please contact our sales team at
Do you have an API? Yes, our API is currently available for early adopter testing. Personal use and redistribution plans are available. Check out the API tab for more information.
What industries do you serve? We work with clients in a wide range of industries, including healthcare, entertainment, finance, legal, and marketing. Our services are particularly useful for companies that need to process large volumes of text-based data quickly and accurately.